Rockiní Robís true origins are unknown, yet several rumors persist.

One states that he comes from the Northwest, hatched from of a great guitar amplifier that once belonged to Alice Cooper and was stolen by Grand Funk Railroad and left in an abandoned warehouse. The rock Ďní roll residue from the Amplifier and the toxic chemicals left in the warehouse caused the birth of Rockiní Rob when he was just a boy playing in an abandoned warehouse that was owned by Johnny Cash.

Others claim that he was created in a lab in 1979 by the United States when the Americans were attempting to build a super soldier to defeat the USSR and avoid a nuclear warÖbut due to the USSR performing underground nuclear tests that year an earthquake caused the Americanís experiment to fail when the scientistís lava lamp and collection of vinyl records fell into the experiment. Thankfully that scientistís collection of vinyl included Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, the Beatles, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams Sr., and moreÖunfortunately for the scientist his vinyl was ruined by the explosion.

No matter what story you hear or which one you choose to believe just know that Rockiní Rob needs to play this music to sustain his life!


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